We supply various types of used heat exchangers to all types of processing industries. Some of these industries include food processing, beverage processing, chemical processing, pharmaceutical processing, nutraceutical processing, cosmetics processing, fruit & vegetable processing, environmental & waste water treatment, mining & minerals processing, fertilizer processing, petrochemical processing, plastics processing, rubber processing, bio-diesel refining, biotechnology and many other processing industries.

We offer all types and sizes of used heat exchangers, ranging from 1 sq. ft. to thousands of square feet. We can offer dozens of used heat exchangers from our inventory and locate various additional options. The heat exchanger types that we can offer include shell & tube heat exchangers, plate-type heat exchangers, spiral heat exchangers, block-type heat exchangers, fin fan heat exchangers, fin tube heat exchangers, U-tube heat exchangers, tube-in-tube heat exchangers, closed loop heat exchangers and all other types. We can supply heat exchangers with various contact parts including 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, titanium, hastelloy, graphite, tantalum, karbate, copper, brass, monel and most other metals of contact.

Since 1938, we have sold hundreds of used heat exchangers all over the world, from pilot size to full production size. We supply used heat exchangers from various manufacturers including APV, Crepaco, Alfa Laval, Thermaline, Tranter, American Heat Reclaiming, Cherry Burrell, Chester Jensen, Feldmeier, TetraPak, Mueller, Patterson Kelley, Ametek, Bell & Gosset, Pfaudler, CE Howard, Artisan, Doyle & Roth, Pyrex, Corning, Ceramic Coating, Rossi Catelli, GEA, American Industrial, Yula Corp, Allegheny Bradford, Astro Metallurgical, Multitherm, Pre-Heat, Inc, and many more.

We are very interested in learning about your equipment needs or the availability of your surplus equipment. Please click on the link below to tell us more about your surplus machinery or fill out the form in order to tell us about your equipment needs. If you would like to discuss the equipment, contact us and ask to speak with one of our experienced sales representatives.


APV Chester Jensen C.E. Howard
Crepaco Mueller Artisan
ITT Patterson Kelly Doyle & Roth
Alfa Laval Braun American Standard
Fabsco South West Engg Berkeley Steel
Carborundum Hebler Corp. Whitlock
Thermaline JD Cousins Pyrex
Tranter Ametek Corning
American Heat Bell & Gosset Ceramic Coating
Reclaiming Western Supply Rossi Catelli
Armstrong Pfaudler Cherry Burrell


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Shell & Tube Spiral Tube
Fin Fan
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